Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Planning (1) - Create Application

Add a new data source...same steps as before02-02
Data source created successfully02-03
Create new planning application, now you can't select Business Rule for the Calculation Mode, can only use Calculation Manager.
Same as before...02-05
This step, you can select one ASO cube and specify the Essbase Application (You can add more ASO cubes after the application created.)02-06
Confirm all the settings02-07
Application created successfully.
You can open the new created Planning application...with the ADF UI.02-09
Actually, the Planning application with ASO cube will be split to two applications in Essbase, one is BSO with normal plan types, another is ASO. I will introduce the ASO usage for Planning in the future.02-10
In addition, you can edit the Plan Types which you can't do that before.02-11
Plan Types can be added or deleted. BSO cubes can be created in the BSO Essbase Application (PLN001) and are still limited to 3 plan types, ASO cubes can be added more but need to specify a new ASO Essbase application (e.g. ASO002)

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