Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hyperion Planning - How to create Block

Block creation is always an issue for Planning or Essbase projects, you need to consider whether the block is existing in the business rules or calculation scripts. That's because the setting of the following option is set to off by default.

There are several ways to create blocks,
  1. Input data directly in web forms or Excel Smart View
  2. Data Load from ETL tools or EAS rules file
  3. Rollup in sparse dimension - CALC DIM, AGG, @IDESCNEDANTS...
  5. DATACOPY - The performance is much better than CREATENONMISSINGBLK command
  6. @CREATEBLOCK - this function is available from version
Here is an example for the function @CREATEBLOCK. Note that at the left hand side of the equal sign, it should be a sparse dimension member.

FIX (@Relative("AllChannel", 0))
 FIX (@Relative("AllProduct", 0))
  FIX ({Entity})
   FIX ({Years})
    FIX ({Scenario})
     "HSP_InputValue" = @CREATEBLOCK ({Version});

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